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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about our business plans.
Who are we and what do we offer?

Collins Technology is a Australia based IT support and services firm that has been running successfully since a couple of years now, and proudly boasts about the large number of successful projects and ventures covered by it until now.

We are a bunch of skilled, experienced and dedicated professionals who, don’t just treat Collins Technology as our workplace but rather are super passionate about our work, our motto goes by the saying ‘Our credibility is directly proportional to our clients’ success’, which is our mantra and we abide by it in all the projects that we work for/under.

What are your areas of specialization?

Digital Marketing for new/existing businesses along with website hosting, application, web and software development are our specialities, in particular. Our team is a highly skilled one that is well versed with all the above mentioned topics, other than those if you have any query about any other IT related area, feel free to contact us about the same.

Are your services paid, or free?

Our services are mostly paid, and are available in various packages as per your requirements. Our charges are pocket friendly, services offered being inexpensive as compared to other IT web service providers. In order to know more about our services, or to know the charges of whichever service you desire, feel free to contact us.

Why choose us among st all our competitors?

All other similar network services might offer you the right solutions to your problems, but we, along with figuring out what’s the right thing for you to do, also look into the fact whether the solution devised is updated with the current tech trends or not. We know, you know that the world is constantly growing and if you do not get along with it, it’s a lost race. Hence, we make sure that we get you what you desire in the best possible form, without making a hole in your pocket.

How do you take care of your clients' confidential data?

Our clientele is the very reason for our existence, and there’s absolutely no loopholes that we’ve left unattended while building up our web service. Client confidentiality and protection of interests has always been our primary concern and we look into it that are systems are well encrypted to prevent any form of loss or data leakage. You can rest assured about your data while working with us.

How do you take care of the Quality control of services offered?

We have a separate team that looks into the quality testing of the services being offered- the Quality Assurance and the Quality Analysis team. Whether it’s a procedural/functional testing or a unit testing, we do not hand over the final product to our client unless it’s approved by our QA team. Other than that, we also have multiple tools in place, about which you’ll be trained once the product is handed over to you, and by using those you could by yourself, remove bugs and fix other small issues in the product.